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How to reassemble GSV200.DBL and verifying operation:

      1. Put the GSV200.DBL in opens position and push camera arrangement in the groove in the lower movable blade.
      2. Make sure that the camera of camera arrangement coincides with the openings in lower movable blade.
      3. Loosen the screw controlling the ball joint and push in the ball stud inside ball socket and move the DVR upward to put back the safety pin.
      4. Plug the medical connector when red dots (one in the medical connector and one in the DVR) coincide to each other.
      5. Put the stationary handle battery and on/off stationary handle light switch
      6. Push light switch on position for fiber optic illumination of the airway and Push the DVR power switch to the left to turn the GSV200.DBL on. A green light indicator will appear on the front of the DVR and the company logo will appear on the LCD display screen. The LCD video display will become operational until you put the GSV200.DBL in intubation in open position.