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Compatible Cleaning Methods for GSV200.DBL

      1. Follow the cleaning agent manufacturers instruction for use and precautions regarding health hazards, dispensing measuring and storage of cleaning agent.
      2. Immerse the metal part of GSV200.DBL and camera arrangement after covering the medical connector with soaking cap. Clean the device in enzymatic detergent solution according to the manufacturers instruction. Brush thoroughly using a soft-bristle brush while immersed in all parts to remove any residues.
      3. Thoroughly rinse all components in sterile distilled water for about 45 to 60 seconds.
      4. Dry all components using sterile surgical towel.

Method Camera arrangement Metal part laryngoscope unit
Enzymatic Cleaning Solution like prolystica Yes Yes
Neutral pH soap water Yes Yes
CidexOPA Yes No
Steris Process Yes No
Autoclave, steam or heat No Yes