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GirgisScope DBL MAC 3 Metal Part:

GirgisScope DBL MAC 3 Metal Part
DBL MAC 3 Metal

Girgis ScopeVideo200.DBL is designed to allow direct laryngoscopy when possible in closed position. Also it allows video monitor use in open position, which saves time during emergency intubation. It increases the chances for successful intubation when single bladed scopes are not adequate.

  • Satin Finish
  • Surgical stainless steel construction
  • Light switch on the handle
  • Precise control to elevate the epiglottis
  • Second movable blade creates an opening space for fiber optic intubation and saves time in emergency situation
  • Second movable blade constructed to provide space for front incisors
  • Extremely useful when encountering spinal injuries and neck stiffness
  • Allows for efficient Sterilization