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Compatible High Level Disinfection for GSV200.DBL:

      1. Following disinfecting agent manufacturers instruction for use and precautions regarding health hazards, dispensing measurements and storage of cleaning and disinfecting agent.
      2. Completes the previous described instruction for cleaning section of this manual before preceding with high-level disinfection.
      3. Soak the camera arrangement after covering the medical connector with soaking cap in CIDEX OPA for 12 minutes.
      4. During the immersion air bubbles are to be removed from the surface of the camera arrangement by using sterile soft bristle brush with medium pressure for 3 minutes.
      5. Upon closure of the 12 minutes soaking time, the camera arrangement is to be rinse with sterile water for one minute.
      6. The previous step is repeated two more times for total of three times.
      7. Dry all parts with sterile lint free cloth including the camera surface and reassemble all parts according to reassembly instructions.
      8. After reassembly test the device for proper function.

Method Camera arrangement Metal part laryngoscope unit
Enzymatic Cleaning Solution like prolystica Yes Yes
Neutral pH soap water Yes Yes
CidexOPA Yes No
Steris Process Yes No
Autoclave, steam or heat No Yes