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Girgis Scope Video DBL: Device and accessories

# Name Function
1 A\V cables and Mini-B USB The audio and video cable is for displaying externally the produces images from the camera module on a larger screen for users.
2 Charging adaptor (Includes international adaptor) charges internal rechargeable battery for DVR module.
3 3.5 mm Camera module Girgis Scope Video DBL camera module is designed to the placed inside of the secondary movable handle for optimal viewing angle.
4 DVR The digital video recorder allows user to take pictures and videos of procedure for later viewing and teaching purpose along with giving user a direct view of laryngeal opening.
5 MAC 3 or4 scope (closed) Designed to aid in tracheal intubation procedure by direct visualization of laryngeal anatomy in closed position.
6 MAC 3 or 4 scope (open) Designed for more difficult intubation by indirect visualization through video monitor in open position.
7 SANYO Lithium Ion Battery UR14650P Rechargeable 3.7Vdc battery specifically designed for GirgisScope Video DBL.
980 mAh
3.63 Wh
8 Handle battery AC/DC charger power supply: Xtar Model number MC2
OUTPUT: 4.2V2*0.5A