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Instruction for cleaning disinfection and sterilization of GSV200.DBL:

      1. WARNING: GSV200.DBL and its accessory are provided non sterile and must be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized before use.
      2. WARNING: Do not use ultrasonic clean or dry hear sterilization or disinfect with iodophor liquids to prevent damage to the GSV200.DBL.
      3. WARNING: Clean immediately after use to prevent dry on residues.
      4. WARNING: Monitor and accessories are not soak able because it contains sensitive component and immersion to liquid will be destructive. It can be cleaned with alcohol wipes or hospital grade surface cleaning product.
      5. WARNING:Cover medical connector with soaking cap in camera arrangement before exposing it to cleaning or high level disinfecting liquid.
      6. WARNING: Never expose camera arrangement: to steam autoclave or any method processing temperature.
      7. WARNING: Only metal part of GSV200.DBL: can be steam sterilized after removing off battery and cleaning.
      8. WARNING: Cleaning and high level disinfection: does not result in terminal sterilization. Bacterial endospores may still viable after cleaning and high level of disinfection.
      9. WARNING: The optic of camera arrangement will be damaged or degraded if left exposed to cleaning or disinfection solution for extended period of time. Do not exceed the disinfectant solution manufacturer recommended exposure time for cleaning and disinfection.
      10. WARNING: Do not allow liquids to dry on the camera lens. Dried liquids are difficult to remove and will leave deposits that obscure the image of the GSV200.DBL scope.
      11. WARNING:A fully charged DVR battery could be expected to provide 2 hours of continuous operation.